The times they are a’changing

And Ergon Communications is also changing its structure. Norm and Gray are grateful for the years of support from so many who have made our publications, workshops, and consulting work so successful. Though the formal structure is changing, Norm and Gray look forward to many more years of friendship and collaboration.

Norm Amundson has now retired from UBC and is living on Saturna Island – seeking a less hectic life. Part of this process involves winding down his involvement in Ergon Communications. 

Gray Poehnell is semi-retired but will be continuing with Ergon Communications though with a more limited range of books and with a focus mainly on his workshops, speaking engagements, and consulting work. 

Ergon Communications will handle the following books:

·      Hope-Filled Engagement

·      Career Crossroads

Norm Amundson will handle the following books through  (in the Resources  section):

·      Active Engagement: Anniversary edition (2018)

·      Active Engagement in Action DVD

·      Career Pathways: Quick Trip, 

·      Career Pathways: Third Edition

·      CareerScope: Looking In, Looking Out, and Looking Around

·      Metaphor Making: Your career, your life, your way

·      Metaphor Making Card Sort

·      The Physics of Living 

Guiding Circles workbooks are available at

Please don’t hesitate to contact either Gray ( or Norm ( if you have any questions about the availability of their respective materials, workshops, or consulting work. Also, for some of Norm’s more recent work you may want to visit and look at the Resources section.