Guiding Circles 1
Rod McCormick, Norm Amundson, Gray Poehnell

Guiding Circles 1

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An Aboriginal guide to finding career paths

Guiding Circles: An Aboriginal Guide to Finding Career Paths is based on a holistic career development approach that combines traditional Aboriginal worldview (such as spirituality, connectedness, community, values and life balance) with sound contemporary career development concepts (including the inclusive approaches of Active Engagement and Career Craft which emphasize imagination, creativity and flexibility). Guiding Circles is culturally relevant to Aboriginal peoples but it can also be applied to other client groups.

Guiding Circles: Booklet 1, Understanding Yourself leads individuals through a creative career self-assessment process that has a starting point of strength and accomplishment.. The workbook assists individuals to discover relevant career information through identifing and telling specific life stories in a positive, focused, self-reflective way. Discoveries are recorded on a career circle, which serves as a framework to assist individuals identify eight essential factors: gifts/aptitudes/skills, interests, personal style/spirit, values/meaning, balance, learning, work/life roles, and work connections. The workbook also includes several different career circles that can be used to explore connections with others, career values, life balance and creative action steps.

Supported by the Aboriginal Human Resources Council of Canada. A career pathways workbook based on Aboriginal traditions and wisdom.

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