Whether your need is the delivery of one of our established workshops or the design and delivery of a workshop especially for your needs, we have something for you.


  • professional development of career practitioners
  • career development & job search
  • creativity and personal development
  • spirituality in the workplace & careers
  • working with change


Custom Corporate Materials

As a company grows, re-evaluation of priorities, job creation structures, and employee skill levels becomes necessary. During this process employees often find themselves struggling to figure out where exactly they fit in to this ever-evolving organization. Employers likewise are faced with the difficult task of finding the best ways to accommodate employer requests for transfers, position changes etc.

Ergon Communications, through their Custom Corporate Materials program, aims to develop resources that will help employers and employees alike in figuring out where they fit in the big picture.

By drawing on our existing career development books and extensive experience in career guidance, and through consultation with your organization, we seek to develop materials that will enable your company to help your employees figure out where they “fit” within the structure of the organization.