Metaphor Making: Your Career, Your Life, Your Way

Metaphor Making: Your Career, Your Life, Your Way is designed for counsellors interested in better utilizing metaphors in their practice.

It includes theoretical foundations and intervention exercises (client initiated; counsellor responsive; counsellor initiated) and a metaphoric case conceptualization process for use in supervision. Forty metaphoric images offer an in-depth practical and personal opportunity to experience the metaphoric process, which are also presented in the included card sort format. A set comes with the book and additional copies can be ordered separately. The cards can be used in both individual and group settings to generate discussion and exploration.

Metaphor Making: Your Career, Your Life, Your Way has two sections. The first section is an overview of theoretical foundations and practical guidelines. The second section includes a spectrum of different metaphoric possibilities when doing career work. The metaphors in the second section are not definitive, but rather illustrate how a wide variety of metaphors can be used to conceptualize careers and career development. The use of "gears" on the cover is meant to illustrate the importance of integrating multiple metaphors into our lives and our careers.

Metaphor Making Card Sort is an interactive card sort activity presented on 48-cards in a custom box, complete with make-your-own metaphor cards and instructions.

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Praise for Metaphor Making: Your Career, Your Life, Your Way

“Dr. Amundson once again brings a fresh, creative and compelling perspective on career counselling theory and practice. Metaphor Making: Your Career, Your Life, Your Way – practical, challenging, informative and inspiring.”

Sareena Hopkins, Co-Director
Canadian Career Development Foundation, Canada

“Metaphor Making is excellent! I admire Dr. Amundson’s ability to write with authority and yet in an engaging and welcoming manner. This book inspires confidence and the material simply inspires.”

Dr. Jim Bright, Professor of Career Education and Development
ACU National; Partner of Bright and Associates, Australia

“In this exciting new book, Dr. Amundson uses material from Aristotle to Obama to illustrate the power of metaphors. Contemporary examples and engaging counselling demonstrations highlight how counsellors can use metaphors to help clients unlock creativity and access inner wisdom to envision future possibilities for work and life. This book is especially helpful for counsellors of clients coping with self-esteem, depression, relationship issues, and career decisions. I highly recommend Metaphor Making for counsellors of all experience levels. Counsellors and non-counsellors will find here a personal resource for the challenges we all encounter as we seek to live our lives our way.”

Dr. Spencer Niles, Professor and Department Head
Counsellor Education, Counselling Psychology, and Rehabilitation Services
Penn State University, USA


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