Hope-Filled Engagement

New Possibilities in Life/Career Counselling

Hope-Filled Engagement: New Possibilities in Life/Career Counselling, a sequel to the popular Active Engagement by Dr. Norman Amundson, addresses the increasing diversity and complexity that life/career practitioners encounter in working with multi-barriered clients. It seeks to create an environment of hope for people, focusing on tools and processes that combine a wholistic worldview (including creativity, spirituality, connectedness, values, and life balance) with sound contemporary career concepts. It is a person-centered, solution-focused, hope-focused approach that engages people where they are engaged with life and that equips them to walk their life/career paths with dignity whatever the challenge.

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Praise for Hope-Filled Engagement

"In Hope-Filled Engagement, Gray and Norm offer exceptional insight, inspiration and a wealth of practical tools and interventions. This book is a treasure, drawing on their personal and professional journeys toward hope to illuminate possible pathways for crafting our careers. It is intimate, extremely thought-provoking, creative, compelling and utterly engaging."

Sareena Hopkins, Co-executive Director
Canadian Career Development Foundation

"This is an authentic book. The reader knows with certainty that the concepts and approaches are grounded in lived experience and profound reflection. This is an honest book which acknowledges that opportunity is not created equal and possibilities are not infinite. This is a creative book with inspired ways of helping individuals to generate hope in their life/career paths. This book oozes integrity and practicality. What a combination and what a contribution! Lynne Bezanson, Co-executive Director, Canadian Career Development Foundation."

Lynne Bezanson, Co-executive Director
Canadian Career Development Foundation

“Hope-filled Engagement offers an approach that fits well within an Aboriginal perspective because it respects and honours our ways of including community in our decision making processes and also incorporates story telling  in a way that is positive and helps individuals see a new vision for their future.  Aboriginal people will be helped to take the journey into the world of work because the practical applications found in this resource can be used immediately and with confidence by employment coaches, educators, and human resource managers. As someone who has been blessed to have learned from, and worked with Gray over the years, this book brilliantly shows us his spirit of teaching; I commend him on putting together Hope-filled Engagement in a way that connects to the reader on a personal level so you do not realize you are reading a book, but rather you feel that you are in a conversation with him.”

Trina Bučko, National Director, Organizational Inclusion Strategies
Aboriginal Human Resource Council of Canada

“Hope-Filled Engagement is the next evolution in career development theory. This book is like having Gray with you as a coach while you motivate and engage young people in their career life path. The activities, many which we have utilized as part of our Guiding Circles Training for teachers, are not only creative, relevant, and fun, but more importantly they work! Thanks Gray for sharing an amazing journey of hope!

Multi-culturalism for us is  - diversity -- our work needs to be culturally sensitive after the term cultural proficient/ or proficiency - and the latest would be culturally sensitive and relevant pedegogy.”

Lorna McPherson, Guidance Program Coordinator
Toronto District School Board

“I worked with Gray several years ago and I approached this book with the expectation of someone you feel close to, having not seen them for a number of years and experienced the joy one feels, finding that, despite life's journey having taken you both on separate paths, it feels as though there is no distance between you because your connections and values have strengthened rather than diminished. My own life/career journey in education has taken me to the place that this book comes from and I am both inspired and affirmed by its contents.

This book serves as our "whack on the side of the head "described by vonOech, forcing us to rethink our approach to career crafting our life/career journey. The resource is practical, giving insightful activities for free use, it is intelligent, looking at solution orientated ideas and it is passionate about its connections with anybody seeking their career path.

The book contains in equal measure imagination, new ways of imagining the process of career, creativity, thinking outside the box with the belief that things can be done better by more people and finally optimism, a spiritual connection to bringing about the change we want to see in the world.”

Linda Farrington, City Campus Leader
Tasmanian Department Of Education, Learning Services North, Australia

“As a manager, practitioner and trainer in career development I am always seeking out sources of renewal and affirmation of the practices I actively use in managing, counseling, and training. Poehnell and Admundson started with the story of their journey and the impact of identity on the life/work decisions. The book puts forth a strong foundation that allows for the layering of self assessment, story-telling, and extra-ordinary career visioning that depicts exemplary career practice. After reading this book I was moved to think about our work as sharing in the intellectual and spiritual growth of our clients. This book speaks to the importance of our respecting and caring for those who come to us. The emphasis on the need for each of us to be aware of our own story, our own culturally defined expectations, our own hopes and dreams is pivotal in the career practices promoted in Hope Filled Engagement. This book will engage you in deconstructing your own practices, challenge your thinking on cultural relevance and specificity, and assist you in inspiring clients to engage in remarkable visioning of their life work future.”

Laurie Edwards, Director, Learning and Workforce Services, Student Success
Nova Scotia Community College