About Us

The word Ergon comes from the Greek ergon, meaning deed, action, achievement, work, occupation.

Ergon Communications is about careers.

We specialize in research, development, delivery, and publishing of career and employment counselling materials and programs. Over the last 25 plus years, we have conducted numerous projects for public and private organizations across Canada and internationally. Our publications and programs have also been used both nationally and internationally.

We are committed...

  • to create new hope and possibilities by supplementing more traditional mainstream approaches with material adapted especially for those who don’t relate well to the usual approaches
  • to bringing hope to people on their life/career journeys by encouraging concepts, tools, and activities that make the life/career world more accessible

  • to equipping life/career practitioners with practical concepts, tools, and activities which engage people with hope


We provide a broad range of resources and services...

  • practical materials and activities for clients/students
  • professional materials for life/career practitioners
  • workshops and presentations for life/career practitioners


Both Gray Poehnell and Norman Amundson received the Stu Conger Award for Leadership in Career Development and Career Counselling. Gray received the award in 2012 and Norm in 2013. This award is presented by the Canadian Career Development Foundation and is in celebration of “visionary leadership, exemplary achievement and inspired dedication to the advancement of excellence in career development in Canada”.