Active Engagement: Anniversary Edition (2018)
Active Engagement: Anniversary Edition (2018)
Active Engagement: Anniversary Edition (2018)
Active Engagement: Anniversary Edition (2018)
Norman E. Amundson

Active Engagement: Anniversary Edition (2018)

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The Being and Doing of Career Counselling
20-Year Anniversary Edition

ACTIVE ENGAGEMENT is a comprehensive and practical career resource for counsellors, coaches, educators, and career development specialists. This 20-year anniversary edition builds on the award-winning career textbook that has been translated into 10 different languages. Active Engagement addresses both ‘being’ and ‘doing’ and emphasizes the importance of hope, creativity, imagination, cultural awareness, positive affirmation, and action as career developments strategies.

“Dr. Amundson is arguably our most creative thinker regarding career interventions today. This anniversary edition of Active Engagement reflects this creativity and provides us with exactly the sort of innovative strategies needed to address today’s career challenges.” 
Spencer Niles, Professor and Dean 
School of Education, The College of William and Mary

“Active Engagement challenges traditional career counselling practice. It offers fresh insights and diverse, dynamic and ‘unconventional’ approaches. This is a truly innovative book; it is energizing, it is freeing and moves us outside the ‘box’ of traditional practice.”
Lynne Bezanson, Executive Director Emeritus 
Canadian Career Development Foundation

“Dr. Amundson has provided career counsellors with a down-to-earth and practical handbook, based on firm theoretical ground. The active use of creativity, metaphors and even poems runs through this book. Active Engagement captures the spirit, the inner light of counselling, without leaving the practitioner in the dark.” 

Peter Plant, Professor 
University of South-East Norway

ISBN 978-0-9784653-3-9

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