Active Engagement: 3rd Edition (2009)
Active Engagement: 3rd Edition (2009)
Norman E. Amundson

Active Engagement: 3rd Edition (2009)

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Just released! The updated Active Engagement: Anniversary Edition is now available here.

The Being and Doing of Career Counselling

“This book is excellent. It is well-written and a good read. Clearly, through the author’s creativity, he has pushed out the envelope on what models and techniques are appropriate and he has pierced a lot of the rigidity in the field.”

EDWIN L. HERR- Distinguished Professor of Education, The Pennsylvania State University

Active Engagement received the Best Book Award by the Canadian Counselling Association. In this third edition Dr. Amundson adds new theoretical and practical information about career processes: The Need for a Backswing; ‘Being’ and ‘Doing’; Chaos Theory; Metaphoric Communication Skills; Contextual Based Interviewing; Circle of Strengths; Career Flow; Workplace Attractors; An Expanded Intelligent Career Approach; Applying an Entrepreneurial Perspective; Career as a Pathway/Journey; Kite Flying; and More About Stories. Also included are a series of case studies illustrating the ways in which employment counsellors have applied the active engagement method.

Second edition is available in Dutch, Swedish and Danish translations.

ISBN 978-0-9684345-8-1

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